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Creating repeat patterns in Procreate is hard.

Hard, and definitely not fun. There's remembering where things are repeating, which pattern type needs to repeat where - and ok, Procreate. Thanks for the magnetic snapping that snaps to EVERYTHING.

But surely the testing is easy and fun?


There's the scaling it down (perfectly), lining it up (perfectly), waiting for it to snap in *just* the right places and hoping. Really hoping it all works out. And let's not get into when a *little* white hairline seemingly appears OUT OF NOWHERE and you have to start all over. 🤦‍♀️

*the* worst.

Making patterns is supposed to be fun.

There had to be a better, quicker and easier way. But not just for the making or the testing.

For the all-of-it.

so we made one.(the all-of-it kind)

Following this process, you'll be outputting new designs in half the time with the confidence your repeat patterns are perfectly seamless.

We're making pattern creation in Procreate share-with-the-world fun, and we're doing it without a single software subscription.

Catch ya later, Adobe 👋

Procreate Patterns

Say hello to Floral Patterns in Procreate, the ultimate pattern making process.

Create beautifully seamless, repeat patterns in Procreate every 👏 single 👏 time 👏

Say goodbye to pesky hairlines, rogue snapping, imprecise rescaling or lining anything up manually. Forever.

seamless process = seamless patterns

Every Tuesday Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro
Every-tuesday iPad Online Courses

Break out the iPad, it’s time to make patterns.

Keep the art supplies in the desk and leave that desktop where it belongs. Take pattern making with you anywhere you go directly in Procreate. With a non-destructive workflow (yay, editable layers!) and 15 composition templates to choose from, you’ll never be wondering what to make or how to get started.

Reduce your pattern making time and increase your output with a streamlined, step-by-step process than anyone can follow.


What makes this course different

Process Perfect

Process Perfect

Non-destructive files and easy to follow

Template Canvases

Template Canvases

With pre-programmed selections, say goodbye to pesky hairlines forever!

15 Composition Templates

15 Composition Templates

No artist block here! Flexible templates that give you a perfect pattern roadmap for gorgeous patterns

Pattern Playground

Pattern Playground

An online tool for previewing, testing, rescaling, recoloring *and* saving your repeat patterns

Flower + Foliage Drawing Tutorials

Flower + Foliage Drawing Tutorials

So you can learn pattern making without the stress of what to put in them

Mock up your Artwork

Mock up your Artwork

Preview your patterns on products following a simple Procreate mock up process

Exporting + Printing

Exporting + Printing

Export your pattern square in the proper file type + let the fabric and wallpaper magic begin!

Ai Swatches + .PAT files

Ai Swatches + .PAT files

Learn how to convert your Procreate patterns into Illustrator swatch files and Photoshop pattern files

Everything you Need

Everything you Need

Beginner-friendly, step-by-step tutorials with all the brushes, colors, templates + resources included. Enrollment = lifetime access


2 Full Brush Sets are Included with your Enrollment

When you enroll, you'll not only receive access to the full course's step-by-step videos, but a number of bonus assets, as well. Access to two full brush sets is included; one set of drawing brushes and one stamp set, so you'll have what you need to give your patterns character, structure and charm.

Extended License included, so you can sell unlimited artwork created with the brushes.

Watercolor Florals painted in Procreate

Brush Set 1: Ink Lovers

The Ink Lovers brush set is filled with a variety of 12 subtle, scratchy and strong ink textured drawing brushes, perfect for bold details and easy-to-make floral and foliage elements.

Solid Ink

Solid Ink

Peculiar Ink

Peculiar Ink

Ink Blobber

Ink Blobber

Watery Ink Wash

Watery Ink Wash

Inky Wash

Inky Wash

Sticky Ink

Sticky Ink

Dying Marker

Dying Marker

Simple Scratch

Simple Scratch

Broken Ink

Broken Ink

Messy Thick Ink

Messy Thick Ink

Little Dots

Little Dots

Scratchy Dots

Scratchy Dots

Brush Set 2: Symmetry Block Stamps

This set of Symmetry Block Stamps includes 8 unique shape stamps contained within a square, perfect for creating the symmetry block pattern style.













Vertical Stripe

Vertical Stripe

Horizontal Stripe

Horizontal Stripe


What you’ll learn in this course

Full Drop Patterns

Master the grid-like repeat

Half Drop Patterns

Drop those columns by half and make it all make sense

Half Brick Patterns

Offset those rows and see magic alignment unfold

Block Style Patterns

Block party with your basic 'think inside the box' mentality

Symmetry Block Patterns

Still at the block party, but make shapes the guest of honor

Toss Patterns

Throw the confetti! Scatter those elements, but make em all seamless + perfect

Easy Florals + Foliage

Drawing tutorials so you'll have artwork ready for your future patterns

Pattern Playground

Get ready to test your patterns in the quickest, easiest + most fun way ever

Multiple Colorways

Use 2 gestures to create multiple pattern colorways in a snap

Procreate Mockups

Preview your patterns on real items using 2 different Procreate methods

Exporting + Printing

See your patterns come to life on fabric and wallpaper (+ my recs!)

Ai Swatches + .PAT files

Convert your patterns into rasterized illustrator swatches + Photoshop pattern files

Testing patterns within Procreate has officially come to an end 🎉

Creating multiple layer copies for testing is done-zo. Rescaling manually and aligning anxious edges is gone for good. The torture of this insane process is over, you guys.

Introducing: the Pattern Playground

Test faster, find where you need to edit quicker + experiment with scale and color. Annnd you can save out your repeats, too! ✨

Life changing? It might be.

The detail she has put into this course is outstanding.

I knew the course would be great, since Teela was teaching it, but I am amazed! I’ve taken several pattern courses on Skillshare, and they can’t hold a candle to this course. And the best part…no hairlines! For almost all the other courses I took, within the first pattern or two I would have a hairline with no feedback on how to fix it. Can’t wait to spend my Sunday working on more modules!

This class was a great value—the bonus modules alone were worth the price.

Even though I’ve been designing repeating patterns for several years, when Teela released Floral Patterns in Procreate, I signed up right away—because even though I know many ways to create patterns, I knew she would include workflows or ways of doing things that I would benefit from. Teela is such a generous and knowledgeable teacher!

Class projects

Let's make awesome things while learning awesome things

Create 5 pattern projects using 4 different pattern making methods

Everything you need to create each project is included, along with full step-by-step video instruction.

Seashell Symmetry

Project 1

We kick things off with a seashell symmetry full drop pattern. We'll set up our template together using the symmetry block brushes, paint in the elements, then make all edges seamless through pre-programmed selections. Once we have all of our gaps filled in, we'll drag it into the Pattern Playground for a final test.

Full Drop Flower

Project 2

To reinforce what we covered in Project 1, we'll use another symmetry block brush - this time the flower shape, and create another full drop pattern. I share how I fix troublesome areas when elements moving in different directions collide and I explain my full thought process along with my reasons behind every decision I make. We reconfigure our pattern to make it seamless using our pre-programmed selections and do a final test using the Pattern Playground.

Full Drop Composition

Project 3

In Project 3, we create a full drop repeat using an included composition template. Following the composition template, we're able to speed up our workflow and quickly adjust and adapt it to fit our needs. Once our elements are in place, we use our pre-programmed selections within the template to fill in the gaps, then test + adjust as needed using the Pattern Playground.

Half Drop Composition

Project 4

It's time to head into half drop patterns in Project 4! We'll work with a different composition template this time, pre-programmed with selections and set up specifically for half drops. After painting our elements in, we'll reorganize the template to fill in gaps using our selections, then test + adjust using the Pattern Playground.

Half Brick Composition

Project 5

To round out our pattern types, Project 5 is all about the half brick. We'll pick a half brick specific composition template, lay in our artwork and go off script from the template as needed. We then reorganize our artwork using the pre-programmed selections to fill in gaps and test our completed half brick within the Pattern Playground.

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1
Bonus Module 1

Dandelion Half Brick + Creating Different Colorways

We're adding on a 6th project! Mostly because I couldn't resist since it was so easy and fun.

Get ready to draw some simplified dandelion seed heads within a half brick composition template, then bring it into the Pattern Playground to finalize.

Next, we'll create 3 different colorways of the same pattern using only 2 gestures, allowing us to recolor artwork on the fly with just a couple of taps. Enjoy limitless variations of your patterns following this easy workflow, extending their lives and giving them new personality through color.

Bonus Module 2

Creating Simple Pattern Mockups in Procreate

Bonus Module 2: Bonus Module 2: T-Shirt Design
Bonus Module 2: Bonus Module 2: Tote Bag Mock-up
Bonus Module 2: Bonus Module 2: Notebook Mock-up

Did you know you can open most Photoshop files within Procreate? In this bonus module, I'll show you how to first download then open that Photoshop file in Procreate. Next, we'll start dissecting how it works so we can use it with our patterns. This module includes 2 different Photoshop mockup file tutorials which you can use to preview your patterns on real products.

And if Photoshop files aren't your jam, no problem! I also share how to convert any stock photo into a Procreate mockup file from scratch (some advanced Procreate tips in that one ;)

Bonus Module 3

Exporting your Patterns + Getting them Printed

Pattern Bonus 3

Let's get our patterns printed! In this module, I'll share my export settings: file type, size, resolution and color profile for getting our patterns printed on fabric and wallpaper through Spoonflower. I walk you through the entire upload process, the differences between ordering fabric vs. wallpaper + using their website's tools to order samples and larger quantities.

Repeat pattern wallpaper hallway application

This module includes a buyer's guide video, sharing my experiences and recommendations for fabric and wallpaper with photos and color comparisons of the uploaded file vs. the samples I received.

We finish the module off with a timelapse + voice over narration of my experience applying their peel + stick wallpaper to a wall in my own home!

Bonus Module 4

Convert your Procreate Patterns into Rasterized Illustrator Swatches + Photoshop .PAT Files

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1

There may come a time that you'd like to use your Procreate patterns as an automated repeat in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and I want to make sure you to know how to do that..so, cue another bonus! 🤓

We'll start by exporting our Procreate pattern square and importing it into Adobe Illustrator. From there, we'll create a perfectly repeating rasterized Illustrator pattern swatch - please note that we will not be vectorizing our art; we'll simply be making it available to use as a repeatable pattern within Illustrator's environment.

I'll show you how to export that Illustrator swatch and then import it back into Illustrator, so you can sell it or use it within other Illustrator files in the future.

Next, we'll hop into Photoshop! I'll share how to convert each pattern type (full drop, half drop + half brick) into a Photoshop .PAT file, then how to export and import that file, so it's also ready to sell or use for other projects.

100% Self Paced

Enrollment includes pre-recorded videos with lifetime access to all of them

Take the course at your own pace whenever it works with your schedule. There’s no pressure to hit a deadline or to fit everything in within a set amount of time.

And with lifetime access, you can refer back to it + watch it as many times as you’d like, too.

Watercolor florals in Procreate is 100% self-paced learning
Floral Patterns in Procreate

Class Curriculum

  • 17 Modules
  • 55 Videos
  • Over 4 Hours
  • Module 1


    • What You'll Learn/Course Overview
    • My Tools + Accessories
    • Gestures We'll Use
    • Bonus Location/Install Instructions: Brushes + Color
    • Bonus Location/Install Instructions: Procreate Template Files
    Module 2

    Common Pattern Types + Styles: Overview

    • Full Drop Overview
    • Half Drop + Half Brick Overview
    • Pattern Styles Overview
    Module 3

    Creating Floral Pattern Design Elements

    • How to Draw Easy Flowers: Part 1
    • How to Draw Easy Flowers: Part 2
    • How to Draw Easy Flowers: Part 3
    • How to Draw Easy Foliage
    Module 4

    Setting Up Your Canvas

    • Size, Color Profile + Resolution
    Module 5

    Full Drop Pattern: Method 1

    • Create the Artwork
    • Preview the Repeat
    Module 6

    Using the Pattern Playground

    • Pattern Playground Overview
    Module 7

    Full Drop Pattern: Method 2

    • Create the Artwork + Preview the Repeat with the Pattern Playground
    Module 8

    [Project 1 + 2] Using Symmerty Pattern Template Brushes

    • Symmetry Pattern Template Brushes: Overview
    • Project 1: Seashell Pattern: Create the Artwork Part 1
    • Project 1: Seashell Pattern: Create the Artwork Part 2
    • Project 1: Seashell Pattern: Make it Seamless + Test
    • Project 2: Flower Symmetry Pattern: Create the Artwork
    • Project 2: Flower Symmetry Pattern: Make it Seamless + Test
    Module 9

    How to Use Pattern Composition Templates

    • Blank Templates with Selections: Overview
    • Pattern Composition Templates: Overview
    • Adapting the Templates for Other Canvas Sizes: Full Drop (blank)
    • Adapting the Templates for Other Canvas Sizes: Half Drop + Half Brick (blank)
    • Adapting the Templates for Other Canvas Sizes: Pattern Compositions
    Module 10

    [Project 3] Seamless Full Drop Pattern Using Composition Template

    • Selecting the Composition + Creating the Artwork
    • Manipulating Selections + Completing the Artwork
    • Preview/Test the Pattern/Make Adjustments
    Module 11

    [Project 4] Seamless Half Drop Pattern Using Composition Template

    • Selecting the Composition + Creating the Artwork
    • Manipulate Selections + Completing the Artwork
    • Preview/Test the Pattern/Make Adjustments
    Module 12

    [Project 5] Half Brick Pattern

    • Selecting the Composition + Creating the Artwork
    • Manipulate Selections, Complete Artwork + Test the Pattern
    Module 13

    Bonus Project: Dandelion Half Brick Pattern + Creating Multiple Colorways

    • Selecting the Composition + Creating the Artwork
    • Manipulate Selections, Complete Artwork + Test the Pattern
    • Recoloring Patterns/Creating Multiple Colorways
    Module 14

    Bonus: Creating Simple Pattern Mockups in Procreate

    • Tshirt Mockup
    • Tote Mockup
    • Notebook Mockup from Photo
    Module 15

    Bonus: Exporting Your Patterns + Getting Them Printed

    • Export the Pattern Square
    • Uploading to Spoonflower
    • Ordering Fabric from Spoonflower
    • Ordering Wallpaper from Spoonflower
    • Print Quality Examples
    • Applying Peel + Stick Wallpaper!
    Module 16

    Converting Your Procreate Patterns Into Photoshop .PAT File & Illustrator Swatches

    • Convert your Full Drop Procreate Patterns into (rasterized) Illustrator Swatches
    • Convert your Half Drop and Half Brick Procreate Patterns into (rasterized) Illustrator Swatches
    • How to Save (and Export!) your Illustrator Swatches
    • Convert your Full Drop Procreate Patterns into Photoshop Patterns
    • Convert your Half Drop and Half Brick Procreate Patterns into Photoshop Patterns
    • How to Save (and Export!) a Photoshop .pat file
    Module 17

    Thank you + next steps

    • Thank You + Next Steps

    Class Bonuses

    Bonus Item for Ink Lovers Brush Set + Extended License}

    Ink Lovers Brush Set + Extended License

    The full 12 piece drawing brushset is included with enrollment so you can follow along exactly. Add eye candy ink textures: from subtle, to scratchy to washed out and bold, you'll find everything you need to draw florals and foliage with charm. An extended license is included, so you can use the brushes to create artwork you plan to sell without limit.

    Bonus Item for Symmetry Block Stamp Brushes}

    Symmetry Block Stamp Brushes

    A set of 8 shape-themed symmetry block brushes are included to make the symmetry block style a breeze. Check out projects 1 + 2 for creative ideas to get started with them!

    Bonus Item for Composition Canvas Templates}

    Composition Canvas Templates

    5 full drop, half drop and half brick floral-themed templates for a total of 15 pre-programmed canvases. Every template includes built in selections and designs, so you have what you need with as much guidance and flexibility desired for new patterns.

    Bonus Item for 3 'Blank' Canvas Templates}

    3 'Blank' Canvas Templates

    With three canvas templates all pre-programmed with selections for full drop, half drop and half brick repeats, you have the freedom to create any pattern you'd like and still have all the benefits of this seamless process.

    Bonus Item for Adaptable Templates}

    Adaptable Templates

    Now that you're equipped with all the selections and templates needed, check out the full module on adapting those templates to different canvas sizes. This way, you can continue using them for any purpose or project guidelines you have. Versatility? Check ✅

    Bonus Item for All Color Palettes}

    All Color Palettes

    Every practice exercise and project's color palette is included, so you'll be able to follow each video and project perfectly.

    Bonus Item for Pattern Playground Guide}

    Pattern Playground Guide

    An in-depth video overview with examples of how the Pattern Playground works, so you can make it work best for you and all the gorgeous patterns you're about to make.

    Bonus Item for Pattern Making Cheat Sheets}

    Pattern Making Cheat Sheets

    Pick up the pattern types cheat sheet and the easy flowers + foliage reference guide, so you have all the elements and know-how of building your future repeats at the ready.

    Bonus Item for Private Facebook Community}

    Private Facebook Community

    A group of pattern loving, Procreate creatin' creatives to design beautiful art alongside. The prefect place to find answers to questions, get feedback on your work, and a non stop source of support from the kindest Procreate makers. I'm always in there, too!

    Bonus Item for Mock it up in Procreate}

    Mock it up in Procreate

    Learn how to use Photoshop mockup files directly in Procreate without using Photoshop! You'll also learn how to convert any stock image into a Procreate mockup you can use and reuse, too!

    Bonus Item for Exporting + Printing Module}

    Exporting + Printing Module

    Never worry about exporting or uploading the right file type or color profile when it comes to printing fabric or wallpaper through Spoonflower! I take you through every step, share my favorite fabric types, do color comparisons between sample prints vs. files and share a full timelapse of applying peel + stick wallpaper within my home, narrated with my experiences and helpful advice.

    Bonus Item for Procreate to Ai Swatches + .PAT files}

    Procreate to Ai Swatches + .PAT files

    In this bonus module, I'll guide you through how to convert your Procreate pattern square into a rasterized Illustrator swatch file that can be reused in future Illustrator docs as well as converting each pattern type into Photoshop .PAT files, so you can use (or sell!) your patterns as seamless repeats in both programs!

    Floral Patterns in Procreate

    Get the Ultimate Procreate Pattern Course

    Teela making Patterns in Procreate in her studio

    One Time Purchase

    Let's do this!

    3 Monthly Payments

    Let's do this!

    Enrollment includes:

    Ink Lovers Brush Set
    Symmetry Block Stamp Brushes
    All Practice and Project Color Palettes
    Pattern Types + Styles Overview
    4 Easy Florals + Foliage Drawing Tutorials
    2 Methods for Full Drop Repeats
    Pattern Playground (pattern tester + previewer)
    2 Symmetry Block Pattern Projects
    15 Pattern Composition Canvas Templates
    3 Blank Pattern Templates with Pre-Programmed Selections
    Tutorials for Adapting Templates to Any Canvas Size
    Full Drop Pattern Project using a Composition Template
    Half Drop Pattern Project using a Composition Template
    2 Half Brick Pattern Projects using Composition Templates
    Develop Multiple Pattern Colorways Tutorial
    3 Procreate Pattern Mockup Tutorials
    Exporting your Patterns + Getting them Printed Module
    Spoonflower Fabric + Wallpaper Video Buyer's Guide
    Wallpaper Application Timelapse with Narration
    How to Convert your Procreate Patterns into Rasterized Illustrator Swatches
    How to Convert your Procreate Patterns into Photoshop .PAT Files
    Pattern Types Cheat Sheet
    Easy Florals + Foliage Cheat Sheet
    Helpful Links Section with Pattern Making Online Resources
    Membership in Our Private Facebook Community
    A must-take for pattern makers if you are at all interested in using Procreate to make patterns!

    I completed Immersion this year so I've been making patterns in Illustrator a lot and it is great, but I am most familiar with Procreate and I was struggling to find a way to mesh my style with the Illustrator workflow.As soon as I saw this course I knew I had to take it and I am so glad I did.I'm now creating my 2nd collection, all in Procreate with the knowledge that I learned in this course and the best part is that it's all in my style, no compromising for Illustrator / vectorization!

    Jenni's Design