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Pattern Playground: A Seamless Repeat Pattern Tester

A *free* pattern previewer app that is about to make testing your patterns your favorite part of your design workflow!

Testing your seamless pattern is an essential part of the pattern making process.

Testing is your pattern's insurance policy that you can confidently stand behind that beautiful work and others will enjoy seeing it and/or working with it, too.

Use the blend mode button next to the size slider to experiment and test new color options and filters!

You can also input custom colors using the hex code field below the rainbow slider. To revert back to your original colors, tap the 'Reset' button in the bottom right of the menu.

Save your Repeating Patterns for later use!

Once you're done experimenting with your design, tap the 'save image' button in the top left. This will download the pattern to your iPad as a jpg file. Note: your original layer size and color settings will both be maintained in the exported jpg!

Blend Mode: