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Gouache Botanicals in Procreate

Learn how to digitally paint gouache botanicals in 4 gouache-inspired painting styles

Gouache Oranges painted in Procreate
Gouache Oranges painted in Procreate
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The Magic of Gouache

While gouache isn’t as well known as watercolor or acrylic, it is just as powerful at delivering beautiful results.

The magic in gouache is that it can behave like watercolor, but with an opaque, matte finish and it can also be like acrylic, but it can be reactivated with water. Its inherent, natural ability to adapt to several styles has made it one of the most versatile mediums available to artists.

Here are the traditional gouache-inspired styles we’ll be recreating digitally within this course:

Flat Style

Flat Style
Flat Style

One of the most familiar styles of gouache paint: large blocks of color in a limited palette with semi-thick paint and bold details.


  • Single color elements
  • Large, bold details
  • Simplified images
  • Subtle paint stroke textures

Chunky Style

Chunky Style
Chunky Style

The thickest gouache painting style, similar to acrylic. Lots of detail with a large range of color and numerous layers.


  • Infinite palette
  • Lots of short strokes
  • Detailed images
  • Obvious paint stroke textures

Large Stroke Style

Large Stroke Style
Large Stroke Style

A cross between the flat and chunky styles, this style utilizes thinner paint and is created with blocks of color painted in large strokes. These semi-limited palette pieces are simple and striking.


  • Limited palette
  • Large strokes throughout
  • Simplified, but still detailed
  • Obvious paint stroke textures

Smooth Style

Smooth Style
Smooth Style

While this is the least gouache-like style (similar to oil painting), it is easily achieved using Procreate along with work already created in the chunky style. 2 beautiful styles with minimal extra work; win, win!


  • Infinite palette
  • Smooth, transitional strokes
  • Realistic depictions
  • Very smooth, subtle stroke textures

Why Digital Gouache?

Instantly Reusable

Instantly Reusable

No scanning artwork into the computer or cutting out backgrounds in Photoshop. Simply turn off the background color layer, save and reuse in less than a minute.

Unlimited Paper + Paint

Unlimited Paper + Paint

Save money and time from experimenting with pricey traditional supplies; an unlimited art supply is packed right into Procreate.

Paint from Anywhere

Paint from Anywhere

When you don’t have a backpack full of different supplies to haul around, you can paint from practically anywhere with just your iPad and stylus.

Extra Vibrancies

Extra Vibrancies

Digital art can utilize color vibrancies beyond traditional paint supplies because you’re working in the RGB (light) spectrum vs. CMYK (pigment).

No Mess, No Clean Up

No Mess, No Clean Up

Practice over and over without wasted art supplies or time consuming clean ups. Simply create a new layer and you’re ready to begin again.

Instantly Shareable

Instantly Shareable

Because everything is already digital, simply export the file type you need and instantly post to your favorite social media account, website or attach to an email.


12 Brushes included with your enrollment

This set was meticulously programmed for over 3 months to insure every setting was perfected for realistic digital gouache painting.

Extended License included, so you can sell unlimited artwork created with the brushes.

Gouache Oranges painted in Procreate
Sketching Pencil

Sketching Pencil

Dried out

Dried out



Thick Round Textured

Thick Round Textured

Thick Round Opaque

Thick Round Opaque

Diluted Paint

Diluted Paint

Streaky Semi Transparent

Streaky Semi Transparent



Flat Semi Transparent

Flat Semi Transparent

Flat Opaque

Flat Opaque

Bonus! Gloppy Edge Round

Bonus! Gloppy Edge Round

Bonus! Gloppy Edge Flat

Bonus! Gloppy Edge Flat

What you will learn in Procreate

What you’ll learn in this course

Digital Gouache Painting

Traditional gouache painting styles in a digital format

Style Warm Ups

Simple foliage + floral painting exercises before moving into larger projects

Professional Workflows

Set your files up efficiently with the final usage of the artwork in mind

Painting Process Options

3 ways to approach any project no matter your skillset

Flat Style Botanicals

Simple, color blocked shapes with bold details

Chunky Style Bouquet

Short, thick brush strokes with layers of color

Smooth Style Florals

Take your chunky art and transform it into gorgeous, realistic paintings

Large Stroke Leaves

Beautifully textured, color blocked strokes in a limited palette

Changing Colors

Tips included for altering the colors after the art is made

Reusable Art

Save your artwork on a transparent background for easy reuse

File Types

Export the right file type for the intended purpose

Using Source Photos

Royalty free source photo resources

Gouache Botanicals in Procreate
Every-tuesday IPad Online course

12 Gouache Botanicals Painting Projects

Throughout 10 unique projects and 2 bonus smooth style projects, you’ll learn 4 different gouache-inspired painting styles. The course was designed to build in complexity by adding on new methods and techniques, so you’ll know where and how to apply these styles in any of your Procreate artwork moving forward.

flat style

Project 1

After some foliage and floral flat style warm up exercises, the course kicks off with some flat style blueberries! Utilizing minimal brushes and a simple, bold style, this bunch of blueberries is the perfect base to begin building skills as the course progresses.

flat style

Project 2

In project 2, we add complexity to our flat style by using additional colors within the same element. We explore more complex layering for our individual items which helps to mimic depth within the flat style.

flat style

Project 3

In the most complex flat style project of the course, we create multiple elements created from multiple components, painted in an intentional order.

chunky style

Project 4

After getting comfortable with the flat style and completing the chunky style warm ups, we move onto our first chunky style project: the lemons! In this intro project to the style, we begin color blocking and painting using a much wider palette and shorter strokes.

chunky style

Project 5

This project is the closest acrylic-like aesthetic in the course. We take advantage of gouache’s ability to layer color and create a sense of depth with many strokes throughout numerous stems, petals and leaves for a dense and colorful bouquet.

chunky style

Project 6

In our only project with a dark background, we create pops of realism through brightly colored petals, contrasted with dark leaves and shadows within the rose itself. Paying attention to complex layering and many color changes, the result is a stunning, painterly rose.

smooth style

Bonus Project 1

We return back to our lemons for the first bonus project in the smooth style. By replicating our chunky style work, we’re able to easily create a realistic painting with just a few simple steps.

smooth style

Bonus Project 2

In our final bonus project, we smooth out the chunky rose version to bring its realism up an extra notch, meticulously smoothing in all the right areas and directions for a touchable look.

large stroke style

Project 7

We kick off our final gouache inspired painting style using our lemons once again. In this project, we marry our flat style with our chunky style for a mid-sized palette made up of large, beautifully streaky strokes and a different painterly aesthetic.

large stroke style

Project 8

Since large petals lend themselves perfectly to the large stroke style, in this project, we challenge ourselves with different shades of white, mixed with extra texture contrast when we introduce our dried out brush within the same style.

large stroke style

Project 9

As the course progresses, the projects become more complex and in this project, we alter the layout of the source image slightly and once again bring in our dried out brush for extra texture contrast. Using colorful petals this time, we layer and smooth out different areas for an eye catching floral.

mixed stroke style

Project 10

Our grand finale! In this final project, we bring all of our different styles together in one dense and varied bouquet. We utilize different brushes, all of the techniques throughout the class and keep things layered and organized to keep the complexity under control. The result is a painterly and realistic multi-textured bouquet.

Your Instructor Teela Cunningham
Your Instructor Teela Cunningham
your instructor
Hey, I'm Teela

I help creatives build and improve their digital skills to open new opportunities.

If you’re familiar with Every Tuesday, then you know my love for lettering, design and illustration runs deep. In fact, in the last 7 years, I’ve taught over 200,000 students and my tutorials on YouTube have accumulated over 20 million views.

I love sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career and motivating others to create something new every week.

100% Self Paced

Enrollment includes pre-recorded videos with lifetime access to all of them

Take the course at your own pace whenever it works with your schedule. There’s no pressure to finish anything within a certain amount of time.

And with lifetime access, you can refer back to it and watch it as many times as you’d like.

Watercolor florals in Procreate is 100% self-paced learning
Gouache Botanicals in Procreate

Class Curriculum

  • 21 Modules
  • 67 Videos
  • Over 8 Hours
  • Module 1

    Welcome + Bonuses

    • What You'll Learn/Class Overview
    • Bonuses location/install instructions
    Module 2

    Getting Started

    • Helpful Links
    • Using source photos correctly
    • Painting process options: beginner/intermediate/advanced
    • Tips About File Size
    Module 3

    Gouache Painting Overview

    • Traditional gouache painting styles
    • Gouache Lovers Procreate brushes overview
    Module 4

    Flat Style Warm Ups

    • Flat Style Foliage: Rose Branch
    • Flat Style Foliage: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Part 1
    • Flat Style Foliage: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Part 2
    • Flat Style Floral: Primroses
    • Flat Style Floral: Purple Aster
    Module 5

    Project 1: Flat Style Blueberries

    • Painting the blueberries
    • Finishing up: leaves and background
    Module 6

    Project 2: Flat Style Lemons

    • Painting the lemons
    • Painting the leaves
    • Finishing up: branch and background
    Module 7

    Project 3: Flat Style Oranges

    • Painting an orange
    • Completing the oranges
    • Painting the large branch
    • Finishing up: small branch and background
    Module 8

    Chunky Style Warm Ups

    • Chunky Style Foliage: Rose Branch
    • Chunky Style Floral: Blue Flax
    Module 9

    Project 4: Chunky Style Lemons

    • Color blocking
    • Painting the lemons
    • Painting the leaves
    • Finishing up: branches and background
    Module 10

    Project 5: Chunky Style Bouquet

    • Color blocking
    • Stem details
    • Painting the petals
    • Finishing up: final details and background
    Module 11

    Project 6: Chunky Style Rose

    • Color blocking
    • Painting the petals
    • Painting the leaves
    Module 12

    Bonus: Smooth Style Warm Ups

    • Smooth Style Foliage: Rose Branch
    • Smooth Style Floral: Blue Flax
    Module 13

    Bonus Project: Smooth Style Lemon

    • Smoothing the lemons
    • Smoothing the leaves
    Module 14

    Bonus Project: Smooth Style Rose

    • Smoothing the petals
    • Smoothing the leaves
    Module 15

    Large Stroke Warm Ups

    • Large Stroke Foliage: Olive Branch
    • Large Stroke Foliage: Magnolia Branch
    • Large Stroke Floral: Chicory
    • Large Stroke Floral: Cosmos
    Module 16

    Project 7: Large Stroke Lemons

    • Painting the lemons
    • Painting the leaves
    • Finishing up: stems and background
    Module 17

    Project 8: Large Stroke Magnolia

    • Painting the petals
    • Painting the stem
    • Finishing up: leaves and background
    Module 18

    Project 9: Large Stroke Peony

    • Color blocking
    • Painting the petals
    • Painting the stamen
    • Finishing up: stem, leaves and background
    Module 19

    Project 10: Mixed Stroke Bouquet

    • Color blocking
    • Painting the little blue flowers
    • Painting roses, part 1
    • Painting roses, part 2
    • Painting hydrangeas
    • Painting lavender
    • Painting white florals
    • Finishing up: foliage, ribbon and background
    Module 20

    Exporting Your Artwork

    • Changing colors
    • Saving on a transparent background
    • Exporting the right file type
    Module 21

    Thank You

    • Thank You + Next Steps

    Class Bonuses

    Bonus Item for Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set}

    Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set

    The full Procreate brush set (12 brushes!) are included with your enrollment so you can follow along exactly. Brushes include opaque, semi transparent, diluted paint, sketching and dry brush styles to have any option you’d like in your gouache artwork.

    Bonus Item for Extended License of the brushes}

    Extended License of the brushes

    An extended license of the brush set ($30 value) is included, so you can create unlimited artwork now and in the future with full permissions to sell it.

    Bonus Item for 2 Bonus Smooth Style Projects}

    2 Bonus Smooth Style Projects

    Create extra realistic work utilizing the smooth style! Bonus videos include two full projects and two warm up exercises (one foliage + one floral).

    Bonus Item for Exporting your artwork module}

    Exporting your artwork module

    Learn how to alter color after your project is finished, the right file type to export and how to save your work with a transparent background.

    Bonus Item for Traditional gouache painting overview}

    Traditional gouache painting overview

    See how traditional gouache is used so you can accurately interpret your digital versions into indiscernible comparisons.

    Bonus Item for Every project’s Procreate file}

    Every project’s Procreate file

    If you ever get stuck or would like to reference the full file for any project, all 12 project files are available to you as free downloads.

    Learn how to digitally paint, export and reuse gouache botanicals in Procreate

    Learn how to digitally paint, export and reuse gouache botanicals in Procreate

    Create authentic gouache botanical artwork in Procreate! Utilize traditional gouache painting styles with different paint consistencies (dry, diluted, semi transparent and opaque) using the included brushes to create eye catching botanicals with realistic texture and details. Follow along as each project builds in complexity, leading to a final, mixed style gouache bouquet.

    In addition to painting, you’ll create organized files with multiple layers, groups and techniques using a strategic and efficient process. Finish the course by learning how to adjust your completed work by editing specific colors, exporting the right file type and creating reusable art saved with transparent backgrounds.

    Your enrollment includes:

  • 21 Modules
  • 67 Videos
  • Over 8 Hours
  • HD step-by step videos

    Gouache Lovers Brush Set (12 brushes)

    Brush Set Extended License ($30 value)

    All 24 original Procreate project files

    Bonus smooth style modules (2 projects, 2 warm ups)

    Recoloring, reusing and exporting your files module

    Lifetime access to the class

    Unlimited updates

    Successfully completing this course requires:

    Procreate App(v. 5.1.5 or newer)

    This course was created using v. 5.1.5 so you’ll need to be on that version or newer to follow along. Procreate is currently only available on iPad.

    Apple iPad

    Because we utilize the pressure sensitivity of our custom gouache brushes, you’ll need to have an iPad that supports pressure sensitivity. A list of iPads that offer this are available here.

    An iPad Stylus(pressure sensitive)

    We’re utilizing pressure sensitivity in the artwork we create, so you’ll need a stylus that is compatible with your iPad. I recommend the Apple Pencil, as many 3rd party styluses can be unreliable.

    Gouache Oranges painted in Procreate

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Gouache Oranges painted in Procreate

    Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

    Yep! If you finish the course and feel you haven’t learned anything new, email me within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

    How long can I access the course for?

    Forever! As long as Every Tuesday exists, this course will be available to watch. Take it at whatever pace you’d like, watch whenever, wherever and as many times as you’d like.

    Is this a live or pre-recorded course?

    This course is entirely pre-recorded, so you can take it whenever it works best with your schedule.

    Does this class come with subtitles/closed captions?

    Yep! There are English subtitles available for all videos.

    What will I need to take this class?

    You’ll need the Procreate app (v. 5.1.5 or newer), a pressure sensitive iPad (see this list) and a stylus compatible with that iPad (I recommend the Apple Pencil over third party styluses).

    Do I need any special Procreate brushes to create these projects?

    Yes, and they’re all included for free with your enrollment! Refer to the course video titled ‘bonuses and install instructions’ for their location and a full installation tutorial.

    I noticed there’s a similar course offered on Skillshare. What’s the difference?

    The course on Skillshare is an intro version of this course that only includes the first 2 flat style projects of this class. For a full comparison of the two versions, please view this chart.

    I’m brand new to Procreate, will I be able to follow along?

    Yep! The course was designed with beginners in mind, which is why it was built to increase in complexity as the course progresses. As long as you take the course in order, you’ll learn a lot about Procreate at a comfortable pace and be able to follow along through every project.

    If I recreate these projects following your instruction, can I sell that artwork afterward?

    You’ll need to create artwork based on royalty free images if you’d like to sell it afterward. All of the artwork we create uses source photos found on Pinterest and is meant for practice + getting familiar with the techniques and methods first. If you’d like to use a similar royalty free image for each project, then you may sell it afterward.

    Lets do this!

    Lets Do This!

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    • 2 Bonus smooth style projects
    • Recoloring, reusing and exporting module
    • 14 day money back guarantee
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