Flat Florals in Procreate by Teela Cunningham
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Simplifying with Ease

Create stunning, simplified florals in a variety of flat styles.

What are Flat Florals?

The flat style is created with solid colored organic and geometric shapes, absent of gradients and texture. But don’t let that fool you! This style can be expansive with variation opportunities by adding simplified, solid details, flat style depth and more.

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What are flat florals
What you will learn in Procreate

What you’ll learn in this course

Composition Design

Organize + create compelling floral arrangements with strategy

Simplification Process

Reduce complex forms to their simplest shapes and textures

Choosing Color

3 methods for establishing and expanding unique floral palettes

Basic Flat Floral Styles

6 style practice exercises for simpler florals

Flat Foliage Styles

Several detailing ideas based on different leaf types

Complex Flat Floral Styles

6 style practice exercises for complex, denser florals

Freehand Compositions

Learn how to adjust provided compositions or create your own from scratch

Flat Depth

Apply solid colored shadows and highlights strategically to create dimension

Horizontal + Vertical Arrangements

Canvas specs and process for different composition formats

Mini Bouquets

How to create consistency within a family of mini bouquets

Seamless Patterns

Add mini bouquets to a seamless pattern with transparent background

Bonus: Application Tutorials

Apply your artwork to 3 different common applications for future use

This course is pre-recorded with lifetime access, so you can watch it whenever it works best with your schedule and as many times as you’d like.
Teela's iPad Pro

153 Brushes are included with your enrollment

This complete set includes painting and stamp brushes, categorized into 5 separate brush sets, so it’s easy to find what you need and easy to use.

Extended License included, so you can sell unlimited artwork created with the brushes.

Flat Florals Project 1 Flower
Flat Florals Project 1 Flower
Flat Florals Project 1 Flower
Flat Florals Project 1 Flower

The advantages of painting flat florals digitally

Instantly Reusable

Instantly Reusable

Reuse and share what you painted on various applications instantly.

Unlimited Paper + Paint

Unlimited Paper + Paint

All the art supplies you need are packed right into Procreate.

Paint from Anywhere

Paint from Anywhere

As long as you have your iPad and stylus, you’re good to go.

Impossible Color

Impossible Color

Achieve vibrancies beyond the capabilities of traditional pigment.

No Mess

No Mess

Practice over and over without any wasted art supplies or mess. Simply create a new layer and you’re ready to start again.

Undo, Redo, Resize, Do Over

Undo, Redo, Resize, Do Over

A few quick taps to fix mistakes or make adjustments and you’re back to creating.

Project 1

After a series of practice exercises, we put our new skills to work in Project 1! In this project, we paint a basic floral with simple foliage and apply 3 different variations of the flat style to it: basic flat color, outlined with detail and multicolored details with simple flat depth.

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project 1

Style 1

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project 1

Style 2

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project 1

Style 3

Project 2

Now it’s time to begin basic floral arrangements! We use a composition stamp for the first time in Project two and we utilize layer masking when defining our arrangement’s 3 core elements. We create this project with 2 variations: basic flat and multicolored details.

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project 2

Style 1

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project 2

Style 2

Project 3

After a series of complex floral practice exercises, we freehand a simple composition with a complex (overlapping petaled) flower. We create this project in two variations: basic flat, and flat depth, where we strategically draw and define shadows for extra, flat style dimension.

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project 3

Style 1

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project 3

Style 2

Project 4

We dive into the complex section of course projects beginning with Project 4! In this project, we make a multi element vertical arrangement, complete with multiple hero florals, supporting florals and foliage elements. We bring it to life with flat shadow details and strategic color selection and placement.

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project 4

Complex Vertical Arrangement

Project 5

In Project 5, we create a horizontal arrangement in a fall theme. We push the illusion of dimension with this project by using different colored petals based on hierarchy along with strong flat style shadow elements. We support our complex florals with berries, sprigs and large leafy branches for a balanced, multidimensional piece.

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project 5

Flat Depth Arrangement

Project 6

In our grand finale project, we pack everything in! We begin by creating a family of 3 mini bouquets, then strategically position and divide them into a seamless, repeat pattern.

We take additional steps in the pattern creation to develop one with a transparent background, allowing the user to choose any background color they’d like for extra versatility.

# 1
3 dominant hero florals supported by two foliage types
Bouquet no.1
# 2
3 hero florals with supporting flower buds and leafy foliage
Project 6 Pattern part 2
# 3
2 dominant hero florals with 3 supporting florals and leafy foliage
Project 6 Pattern part 3
100% Transparent

Create seamless, repeat patterns in Procreate with transparent backgrounds, providing the user extra versatility.

Transparent pattern example
Bonus Projects

Enrollment includes 3 bonus lessons on how to reuse your florals within popular application types

Bonus Project 1

Learn how to integrate a holding shape for text with added embellishments, perfect for greetings that tie right in with your graphics.

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Bonus Project 1

Text Ribbon

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Bonus Project 2

Floral Additions

Bonus Project 2

You’ll learn how to add your florals seamlessly within other graphics, color adjust and scale it properly for extra-unique pieces.

Bonus Project 3

Ideal for social media posts and stationery, steal my best tips for scaling and cropping your artwork to create beautiful borders.

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Bonus Project 3

Floral Borders

Your Instructor Teela Cunningham
Your Instructor Teela Cunningham
your instructor
Hey, I'm Teela

I help creatives build and improve their digital skills to open new opportunities.

If you’re familiar with Every Tuesday, then you know my love for lettering, design and illustration runs deep. In fact, in the last 7 years, I’ve taught over 200,000 students and my tutorials on YouTube have accumulated over 20 million views.

I love sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career and motivating others to create something new every week.

100% Self Paced

Enrollment includes pre-recorded videos with lifetime access to all of them

Take the course at your own pace whenever it works with your schedule. There’s no pressure to hit a deadline or to fit everything in within a set amount of time.

And with lifetime access, you can refer back to it + watch it as many times as you’d like, too.

Watercolor florals in Procreate is 100% self-paced learning
Flat Florals in Procreate

Class Curriculum

  • 13 Modules
  • 62 Videos
  • Over 7 Hours
  • Module 1


    • What You'll Learn/Course Overview
    • My Tools + Accessories
    • Bonus Location/Install Instructions
    • How to Use the Brushes/Brushes Overview
    • 2 Procreate Gestures We'll Use
    Module 2

    Flat Style Overview

    • What is the Flat Style: Examples
    • Flat style essentials
    • Simplification process
    • Choosing color
    Module 3

    Basic Florals + Foliage: Practice Exercises

    • Style variations practice exercise: part 1
    • Style variations practice exercise: part 2
    • Foliage style variations practice exercise
    Module 4

    Project 1: Simple floral with foliage 3 ways

    • Freehand composition with layer masking
    • Project 1: Style 1
    • Project 1: Style 2, part 1
    • Project 1: Style 2, part 2
    • Project 1: Style 3, part 1
    • Project 1: Style 3, part 2
    Module 5

    Project 2: Simple floral arrangement 2 ways

    • Create the composition
    • Project 2: Style 1
    • Project 2: Style 2
    Module 6

    Complex Florals: Practice Exercises

    • Style variations practice exercise: part 1
    • Style variations practice exercise: part 2
    Module 7

    Project 3: Complex floral with foliage 2 ways

    • Freehand composition with layer masking
    • Project 3: Style 1
    • Project 3: Style 2
    Module 8

    Building Custom Compositions

    • Composition Components
    • How to Create Custom Compositions
    • How to Use the Composition Stamps
    Module 9

    Project 4: Complex Vertical Arrangement

    • Create the Composition: part 1
    • Create the Composition: part 2
    • Fill with Color: Hero 1
    • Fill with Color: Hero 2
    • Fill with Color: Hero 3
    • Fill with Color: Hero 4
    • Fill with Color: Supporting Florals
    • Fill with Color: Foliage, part 1
    • Fill with Color: Foliage, part 2
    • Fill with Color: Foliage, part 3
    Module 10

    Project 5: Complex Arrangement with Depth

    • Create the Composition: part 1
    • Create the Composition: part 2
    • Fill with Color: Hero 1, part 1
    • Fill with Color: Hero 1, part 2
    • Fill with Color: Hero 2
    • Fill with Color: Hero 3
    • Fill with Color: Supporting Elements
    • Fill with Color: Foliage, part 1
    • Fill with Color: Foliage, part 2
    Module 11

    Project 6: Seamless Pattern with Transparent Background

    • Create the First Bouquet: Structure
    • Create the First Bouquet: Color
    • Create the Second Bouquet: Structure
    • Create the Second Bouquet: Color
    • Create the Third Bouquet: Structure
    • Create the Third Bouquet: Color
    • Set up the Pattern Canvas
    • Insert First Bouquet
    • Insert Remaining Bouquets + Make Seamless
    • Add Final Details + Test the Pattern
    Module 12

    Bonus: Application Ideas

    • Application 1: Text Ribbon
    • Application 2: Birthday Cake
    • Application 3: Floral Borders
    Module 13

    Thank you + next steps

    • Thank You + Next Steps

    Class Bonuses

    Bonus Item for Bouquet Maker Brush Set}

    Bouquet Maker Brush Set

    The full brush set (150+ brushes!) are included with enrollment so you can follow along exactly. Brushes are separated into 5 different categories so finding what you need is quick and efficient.

    Bonus Item for Extended License of the Bouquet Maker Brushes}

    Extended License of the Bouquet Maker Brushes

    An extended license of the brush set ($40 value) is included, so you can use the brushes to create artwork you plan to sell or use for business purposes without limit.

    Bonus Item for Bonus Applications Module}

    Bonus Applications Module

    Extend the life of your art by exporting it with transparent backgrounds. Next, learn how to integrate that artwork into 3 different applications, expanding its versatility for your own potential buyers.

    Bonus Item for Facebook Group}

    Facebook Group

    Your enrollment includes membership into our private Facebook community. Share your progress, get feedback and find support whenever you need it.

    Bonus Item for Flat Style Cheat Sheets}

    Flat Style Cheat Sheets

    Graphic cheat sheets included, so you can pull ideas for style and elements quickly without having to backtrack.

    Bonus Item for Color Palettes + Links}

    Color Palettes + Links

    Every practice exercise and project’s color palette is included, as well as helpful links mentioned throughout the course in one convenient place.

    Successfully completing this course requires:

    Procreate App(v. 5.2.9 or newer)

    This course was created using v.5.2.9 of the Procreate app, so you’ll need to be on that version or newer to follow along.

    Apple iPad

    We utilize pressure variation within some of our brushes, so you’ll need to have an iPad that supports pressure sensitivity. A list of iPads that offer this are available here.

    An iPad Stylus(pressure sensitive)

    Since we’re utilizing pressure sensitivity settings, you’ll need a stylus that is compatible with your iPad. An Apple Pencil is recommended, but other 3rd party styluses may also work.

    Familiarity with the Procreate interface

    The course builds in complexity as it progresses, making it a great fit for both beginner level and experienced Procreate users. If you’re brand new to Procreate, I recommend taking my free Procreate for Beginners course first so you’ll be able to follow along more comfortably.

    Watercolor Florals painted in Procreate

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Watercolor Florals painted in Procreate

    Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

    Yep! If you finish the course and feel you haven’t learned anything new, email me within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

    How long can I access the course for?

    Forever! As long as Every Tuesday exists, this course will be available to watch. Take it at whatever pace you’d like, watch whenever, wherever and as many times as you’d like.

    Is this a live or pre-recorded course?

    This course is entirely pre-recorded, so you can take it whenever it works best with your schedule.

    Does this class come with subtitles/closed captions?

    Yes! There are English subtitles available for all videos.

    What will I need to take this class?

    You’ll need the Procreate app (v.5.2.9 or newer), a pressure sensitive iPad (see this list: every-tuesday.com/ipads), a stylus compatible with that iPad (I recommend the Apple Pencil) and a familiarity with Procreate (my free Procreate for Beginners course is recommended as a prerequisite).

    Do I need any special Procreate brushes to create these projects?

    Yes, and they’re all included for free with your enrollment. Refer to the course video titled ‘bonuses + install instructions’ for their location and a full installation tutorial.

    I’m still learning Procreate. Is this for me?

    Yep! The course was designed with beginners in mind and it increases in complexity as the course progresses. You’ll want to be familiar with the interface before you begin, though, so my free Procreate for Beginners course is recommended as a prerequisite.

    I have no experience drawing flowers. Can I still take this class?

    Yes! If you can draw irregular, imperfect shapes, then you can create every project within the course. I show you everything you need to know and offer resources to guide you if you ever get stuck along the way.

    If I recreate these projects following your instruction, can I sell that artwork afterward?

    You may use any of the brushes, color palettes and techniques provided in the class to create your own unique artwork to sell. You may not sell recreated class projects, as they are my own original artwork + concepts.

    Lets do this!

    Welcome to Flat Florals in Procreate, your complete guide to painting simplified, bold and beautiful florals.

    Class includes:

    • Instant access to all videos and bonuses
    • Full Bouquet Maker brush set (150+ brushes)
    • Bonus applications module (3 projects)
    • Private Facebook community
    • Extended License of the brush set ($40 value)
    • Seamless patterns with transparent backgrounds process
    • Rose simplification tutorial
    • Composition design tutorials
    • 14 day money back guarantee
    • Flat style cheat sheets (pdf)
    • All project + demo color palettes
    • English subtitles on all videos
    • Basic + complex style practice exercises (12 total)
    Lifetime Access