Every Tuesday Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro
Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1

Ethically generate AI concepts and use them to inspire gorgeous, original paintings in Procreate

This is where you have the permission to paint in unexpected color palettes

We’ll develop unique color pairings you can easily color sample and apply.

Fantasy Birds & Blooms: Unexpected color palettes
Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1

Where you create touchable texture

With the included Acrylic Lovers brush set, all the texture you need is just a tap away

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1

Where you develop pop-off-the-screen depth illusions

Following a few simple steps, you’ll be equipped to apply illusion-quality depth to any element

How the Process Works

AI is for the birds. Err, florals?Ok, ok! It’s both.

Step No. 1

Generate Concepts

We begin by ethically generating AI concepts using only words to guide it. This means the images aren’t based on any artist’s style – they’re made from what AI thinks looks good from the words we give it.

Curious how AI image generation works?

Step No. 2


Once we have a concept we like, we then mix it with additional, custom text prompts. This creates a highly unique concept, void of any specific influence and tailored to your imagination.

Step No. 3

Custom Composition

We bring our final concept renders into Procreate, along with real reference images. Combining different elements from the different renders, we create an original composition sketch.

Step No. 4


We paint our composition from scratch using different brushes from the included Acrylic Lovers brush set and sample our favorite color combos from our AI renders.

Step No. 5

Finishing Touches

We finalize our custom paintings with unique brush stroke overlays, background textures and long shadows for a fully layered, gorgeous piece!

Procreate Patterns

Say hello to Fantasy Birds & Blooms

An imaginative approach to painting gorgeous digital illustrations in Procreate.

Transform your brainstorming process with ethical AI prompting and speed up your composition time with unique elements, color pairings and blending options, creating limitless possibilities.

Let's paint something magical


What makes this course different

Beginner Friendly

Beginner Friendly

The why’s and how’s of every step explained, along with underlying concepts

AI Prompts

AI Prompts

AI ethical image generation made easy, including sample prompts you can copy and paste

50+ AI Renders

50+ AI Renders

Ready to use png renders, so you can create future paintings, with or without AI services

Bird Anatomy

Bird Anatomy

Get familiar with bird anatomy with a draw-it-from-scratch method

Composition Skills

Composition Skills

Learn how to create dynamic custom compositions using multiple images

Beautiful Blends

Beautiful Blends

Blend colors in new, artistic ways with the included Acrylic Lovers brush set

3 In Depth Projects

3 In Depth Projects

Draw custom compositions, pull color samples and paint gorgeous birds + blooms artwork

Project Walk-throughs

Project Walk-throughs

2 bonus project walk-throughs so you can see how similar paintings are built and completed

Everything you Need

Everything you Need

All brushes, reference images, renders and resources are included. Enrollment = lifetime access

Custom brush sets for birds & blooms

2 Brush Sets (100+ brushes!) are Included with your Enrollment

When you enroll, you’ll receive access to the full course’s step-by-step videos, in addition to the brush sets used that make everything happen! Two full brush sets are included; The full Acrylic Lovers Brush Set (80 total brushes!), and the Bird Poses stamp set, which includes 30 bird stamps, making compositions infinitely easier!

Extended License included, so you can sell unlimited artwork created with the brushes.

Watercolor Florals painted in Procreate

Brush Set 1: Acrylic Lovers

The Acrylic Lovers Brush Set (80 total brushes!), includes 15 drawing, sketching + smudge brushes, 47 stamp brushes, 9 overlay texture stamps and 9 watercolor washes (perfect for backgrounds!)

Painting Brushes

Solid Ink
Peculiar Ink
Ink Blobber
Watery Ink Wash
Inky Wash
Sticky Ink
Dying Marker
Simple Scratch
Broken Ink
Messy Thick Ink
Little Dots
Scratchy Dots
Scratchy Dots
Scratchy Dots
Scratchy Dots

Stamp Brushes

Clean Curve 01
Clean Curve 02
Clean Curve 03
Clean Curve 04
Clean Curve 05
Clean Curve 06
Clean Curve 07
Clean Curve 08
Clean Curve 09
Clean Curve 10
Clean Curve 11
Clean Abstract 01
Clean Abstract 02
Circle 01
Circle 02
Chunky Strokes 01
Chunky Strokes 02
Chunky Strokes 03
Chunky Strokes 04
Chunky Strokes 05
Chunky Strokes 06
Chunky Strokes 07
Chunky Strokes 08
Chunky Strokes 09
Chunky Strokes 10
Chunky Strokes 11
Chunky Strokes 12
Chunky Strokes 13
Chunky Strokes 14
Chunky Strokes 15
Chunky Strokes 16
Chunky Strokes 17
Messy Stroke 1
Messy Stroke 2
Messy Stroke 3
Messy Stroke 4
Messy Stroke 5
Messy Stroke 6
Messy Stroke 7
Messy Stroke 8
Messy Stroke 9
Messy Stroke 10
Messy Stroke 11
Messy Stroke 12
Messy Stroke 13
Messy Stroke 14
Messy Stroke 15
Messy Stroke 16
Overlay 1
Overlay 2
Overlay 3
Overlay 4
Overlay 5
Overlay 6
Overlay 7
Overlay 8
Overlay 9
Wash 1
Wash 2
Wash 3
Wash 4
Wash 5
Wash 6
Wash 7
Wash 8
Wash 9

Brush Set 2: Bird Poses

This set of Bird Poses includes 30 different stamps of 9 different bird varieties, making it easy to preview layouts quickly with different bird poses + types!

Northern Cardinal 1
Northern Cardinal 2
Northern Cardinal 3
Northern Cardinal 4
Northern Cardinal 5
American Bluebird 1
American Bluebird 2
American Bluebird 3
American Bluebird 4
American Robin 1
American Robin 2
European Robin 1
European Robin 2
European Robin 3
European Robin 4
Tufted Titmouse 1
Tufted Titmouse 2
Tufted Titmouse 3
Tufted Titmouse 4
American Goldfinch 1
American Goldfinch 2
American Goldfinch 3
American Goldfinch 4
Purple Finch 1
Purple Finch 2
Yellow Warbler 1
Yellow Warbler 2
Chickadee 1
Chickadee 2
Chickadee 3

What you’ll learn in this course

Master Midjourney

Full module dedicated to sharing the ins and outs of ethical AI image generation

Intro to DALL-E

An overview of the free and paid version of DALL-E, another AI service

Sample Prompts

Copy and paste provided text prompts to generate your own fantasy style AI images

Bird Anatomy

Full pdf cheat sheet with detailed drawings + tutorial exercises

Custom Compositions

Sketch original compositions by combining multiple renders for truly unique pieces

Beautiful Blending

Demos for blending colors uniquely using the provided brushes

Petal Folds

Paint gorgeous, pop-off-the-screen petal folds following a simple process

Leaf Painting

Paint variegated leaves with depressed and raised veining

Depth Illusions

Follow a 3 step process to create illusions of depth throughout all of your paintings

Long Shadows

Learn how to create soft long shadows as an eye catching finishing touch to your work

Fantasy Blooms

Paint petals + leaves in several multicolored styles

Fantasy Birds

Simulate different feather textures using real bird references, and paint them with fantasy color palettes

Extended License included, so you can sell unlimited artwork with the brushes.
Teela's iPad Pro

Let the magic begin ✨

Paint gorgeous compositions with stunning color palettes, all based on your imagination. Use AI to ethically enhance your paintings and skyrocket your content development.

Class projects

Let’s create something magical together

Included are 3 in-depth, comprehensive projects to master the fantasy style

Everything you need to create each project is included, along with full step-by-step HD video instruction.

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1

Fantasy Blooms

Project 1

We dive right into the fantasy floral style with a gorgeous bouquet! Following a 3 step painting process, we sketch our composition, then paint from scratch: color blocking, adding detail and then highlights. We use several blending techniques and cover the differences between petal blending vs.leaf blending. As a beautiful finishing touch, we use a unique method for adding soft long shadows and introduce a background watercolor texture to push our final artwork forward.

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1

Fantasy Bird

Project 2

Master the fantasy painting style applied to a bird in Project 2! While the process is similar to florals, we’ll use one of our bird pose stamps and pay extra attention to texture differences, referencing a real photo often. We’ll keep color patterns within the bird accurate to real life, but bring in a fantasy color palette. To further maintain the fantasy aesthetic, we’ll use several different wet and dry brushes to simulate touchable texture and blend as needed (hello, Feather Smudge!).

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1

Fantasy Bird + Blooms

Project 3

Project 3 combines the skills built from Project 1 + 2 with a full bird and bloom composition! We create our custom composition by combining different elements from two different renders, along with a bird pose stamp. Beginning with the bird, we go step by step, painting each element together throughout the project videos. Every step is described in detail, so you’ll be confident painting any bird + bloom composition you can imagine after completing the course.

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1
Bonus Module 1

Bird Drawing Exercise

In this module, we sketch a bird from scratch, utilizing a reference image + bonus bird anatomy cheat sheets. Together, we follow an exercise that can be adapted for any skill level and adjusted as you improve.

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1
Bonus Module 2

Goldfinch Project Walk Through

Once our projects are complete, I walk you through some previously created projects of mine, showing all of my layers and discussing how I built my compositions. I also made the reference images available for your use if you’d like to create them.

Procreate Pattern: Bonus 1
Bonus Module 3

European Robin Project Walk Through

We talk through my European Robin piece in the same way we went over the goldfinch piece, so you’ll have all the info you need, along with the same reference images if you’d like to recreate it in the future.

100% Self Paced

Enrollment includes pre-recorded videos with lifetime access to all of them

Take the course at your own pace whenever it works with your schedule. There’s no pressure to hit a deadline or to fit everything in within a set amount of time.

And with lifetime access, you can refer back to it + watch it as many times as you’d like, too.

Watercolor florals in Procreate is 100% self-paced learning
Fantasy Birds and Blooms in Procreate

Class Curriculum

  • 12 Modules
  • 62 Videos
  • Over 9 Hours
  • Module 1


    • What You'll Learn/Course Overview
    • Bonuses: Location + Install Instructions
    • Acrylic Lovers Brush Set Overview
    Module 2

    Getting Started

    • Canvas Size, Color Profile, Resolution
    • Gestures We'll Use
    Module 3

    Intro to AI: Midjourney

    • Using AI Ethically/How AI for Image Generation Works
    • Getting Started with Midjourney
    Module 4

    Generating Concepts with AI

    • Intro to Using Prompts
    • Fantasy Floral Prompts
    • Image Prompts: Creating Fantasy Birds & Blooms Concepts
    • Permutation Prompts + Exporting Your Renders
    Module 5

    Intro to DALL-E

    • How to use DALL-E (Free and Paid)
    Module 6

    Project 1: Fantasy Floral Blooms

    • Create the Composition Sketch: Part 1
    • Create the Composition Sketch: Part 2
    • Hero Bloom: Part 1
    • Hero Bloom: Part 2
    • Hero Bloom: Part 3
    • Hero Side Bloom: Part 1
    • Hero Side Bloom: Part 2
    • Hero Top Bloom: Part 1 (with petal fold demo)
    • Hero Top Bloom: Part 2
    • Hero Top Bloom: Part 3
    • Paint Supporting Floral: Rose
    • Paint Supporting Floral: Thistle
    • Painting Foliage: Part 1
    • Painting Foliage: Part 2
    • Painting Foliage: Part 3
    • Painting Foliage: Part 4
    • Finishing Touches
    Module 7

    Bonus: Bird Drawing Basics

    • Bird Anatomy/Drawing from a Reference Photo
    • Finalizing your Bird Drawing
    Module 8

    Project 2: Fantasy Style Chickadee

    • Gathering References
    • Establish a Painting Plan + Create the Color Block
    • Blend the Color Block
    • Adding Detail + Texture to the Belly
    • Adding Detail + Texture to the Head
    • Wing Details
    • Finishing Touches
    Module 9

    Project 3: Fantasy Bird + Blooms

    • Create the Composition
    • Add the References
    • Color Blocking the Belly
    • Color Blocking the Wing + Claw
    • Bluebird Details: Part 1
    • Bluebird Details: Part 2
    • Right Side Florals: Part 1
    • Right Side Florals: Part 2
    • Right Side Florals: Part 3
    • Right Side Florals: Part 4
    • Right Side Foliage: Leafy Branches
    • Right Side Leaves: Part 1
    • Right Side Leaves: Part 2
    • Left Side Orange Flower: Part 1
    • Left Side Orange Flower: Part 2
    • Left Side Pink Flower
    • Left Side Foliage: Flower Branch
    • Left Side Foliage: Leafy Branch
    • Left Side Foliage: Leaves
    • Adding the Perch Branch
    • Adding Final Details + Finishing Up
    Module 10

    Bonus: Project Walkthrough #1

    • Goldfinch Compositions
    Module 11

    Bonus: Project Walkthrough #2

    • European Robin Composition
    Module 12

    Thank You

    • Thank You + Next Steps

    Class Bonuses

    Bonus Item for Acrylic Lovers Brush Set + Extended License}

    Acrylic Lovers Brush Set + Extended License

    The full, 80 piece brush set, filled with sketching, painting, smudging and stamp brushes are included with your enrollment so you can follow along exactly. An extended license is included, so you can use the brushes to create artwork you plan to sell without limit.

    Bonus Item for Bird Poses Brush Set}

    Bird Poses Brush Set

    30 bird pose stamps in 9 bird varieties is provided to make composition creation immensely easier! Simply stamp in the right pose based on your render, then build up your florals and foliage around it.

    Bonus Item for 50+ AI Renders}

    50+ AI Renders

    All project AI renders are provided, in addition to over 50 more, so you can use the same skills from the course in your future pieces, whether you plan to generate your own AI reference images or not.

    Bonus Item for Midjourney Cheat Sheets}

    Midjourney Cheat Sheets

    A multi-page PDF cheat sheet covering Midjourney settings, text prompts, parameters, image prompts and permutation prompts.

    Bonus Item for Bird Anatomy Cheat Sheets}

    Bird Anatomy Cheat Sheets

    A multi-page pdf with detailed drawings to aid in sketching your own birds from scratch!

    Bonus Item for Copy/Paste Sample Prompts}

    Copy/Paste Sample Prompts

    All of my favorite fantasy style Midjourney prompts in an easy-to-pull-from place.

    Bonus Item for Bird List}

    Bird List

    Need some extra bird types you can render images with? Take a look at this list and enjoy seeing those birds come to life!

    Bonus Item for Bonus Project Walk-throughs}

    Bonus Project Walk-throughs

    In addition to the course projects, you’ll see how 2 additional birds + blooms projects are built with full narration.

    Bonus Item for Private Facebook Community}

    Private Facebook Community

    A group of Procreate creators to paint beautiful fantasy birds + blooms alongside. The perfect place to find answers to questions, get feedback on your work and a non stop source of support from the kindest Procreate makers. I’m always in there, too!

    Fantasy Birds and Blooms in Procreate

    Create Magical Birds & Blooms Paintings in Procreate

    One Time Purchase


    4 Monthly Payments


    Buy Now, Pay Later*Not available in all countries


    Enrollment includes:

    Acrylic Lovers Brush Set + Extended License
    30 Bird Poses Stamp Set
    2 Bonus Project Walk-throughs
    Bird Anatomy Cheat Sheets
    Bird Drawing Exercises
    Midjourney Cheat Sheets
    Full Ethical Use Midjourney Tutorial Module
    Intro to AI Full Walkthrough for Beginners
    Copy/Paste Fantasy Style Text Prompts
    DALL-E Free + Paid Version Overview
    Text, Image + Permutation Prompting
    Composition Sketches using Multiple Renders
    Canvas Setup + Common Gestures
    3 In-Depth Comprehensive Projects
    Petals vs. Leaves Blending Demos
    Fantasy Style Feather Painting
    20+ Birds List
    50+ AI Renders with Permission to Use
    Membership in Our Private Facebook Community
    Lifetime Access

    14 Day Money Back Guarantee

    I believe so fully in this process and the resources provided within the course, I’m proud to honor my 14 day money back guarantee.

    If you go through the course and feel you haven’t learned anything new, send me an email before the 14 days is up and I’ll issue a full refund.

    View our terms and conditions

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    Teela working on Procreate Patterns on the iPad